Weight-loss with Race Walking

Weight-loss with Race Walking

Being conscious of your health is really important in times of pandemic where threats to one’s health are serious. Often our workout routines are meant for weight loss as obesity in contemporary times is seen to be common among the masses. When it comes to losing weight, individuals are recommended to stick to aerobic exercises as they escalate the process of burning fat. One of the most common and easiest ways of doing aerobic exercise is walking. 

Although walking is considered good for health, it has an added specification of aiding bodies to lose excess fat. When the same way of walking comes with an added spice of speed, it further escalates the whole process of losing weight. The new exercise we are now going to talk about is Race Walking. We shall now go through the benefits it is supposed to provide.

What is Race Walking?

Race walking engages many muscle groups in the body, making it an excellent workout for weight loss and physical fitness. Walking allows you to tone your muscles, improve your stamina, and eat more carbohydrates while also improving your cardiovascular ability.

How do you Race-walk properly?

Keep your knees straight

Straighten the advancing leg at the knee to make sure it stays broad until it passes under the thigh. This is one move that distinguishes race walking from other forms of walking in which the knee is extended or slightly curved.

Maintain Contact

When you race-walk, one foot is always meant to be in contact with the ground. This means, the foot going forth while taking a step forwards will make constant contact with the ground while the rear foot will be at a release or lift.

Arm Positioning

Not to be neglected, is the position of your arms. When race walking, your arms should be at an angle of at least 90 degrees from the elbow. You should swing your arms loosely from the shoulders and repeat the process at intervals. The intensity of the movement can be increased as per your comfort.

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