Verification And Fact-Checking Policy

Reporting, writing and fact-checking stories are the primary responsibility of Digi-news writers. Each piece of news published by Digi-news is subject to review by one or more editors. There is a multi-level structure that allows for the review and editing stories, which may include fact-checking.

Each time news is submitted to us by one of our journalists, we contact the source to verify its accuracy. The Digi-news piece is then published on the Digi-news and made accessible to its readers. Fact-checking is something we take very seriously.

Accurate Headlines

We believe that headlines should accurately reflect the content. As such, we are committed to providing headlines that accurately reflect the content in our so-called piece.

Checking For Official Comment

When we report on rumors, leaks, or unconfirmed announcements from sources such credit, YouTube channels, social media, and other outlets, we do so with the full support of the source. To confirm the news, we contact the person or studio concerned. If we don’t hear back from the person or studio, our team will work hard to get the correct information. Also, a note will be added at the bottom that the official entities have not made any official statements on the subject.

If we are the original source of news, we adhere to basic journalism principles.

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