Shiddat Movie Review: This film is for the lovers of romance, the old style of love is in the new age

Shiddat Movie Review: This film is for the lovers of romance, the old style of love is in the new age

In this total film story, you will see the romantic style of 1990. If you are a staunch fan of romantic movies then only you will love Shiddat Ki Mohabbat. Mohit Raina’s acting is great here.

Shiddat – Official Trailer

What is the effort in which there is no dedication.? Over the top, this sounds like a persuasive sentence.
But in the film Shiddat, the hero tells this to get his love. The intensity of his love is such that at first he crosses the borders of eight countries and reaches France after the cancellation of his passport and from there tries to reach London by swimming the English Channel.
The girl he loves is getting married in London. The interesting thing is that an advertisement for Shahrukh Khan is coming on the OTT Disney Hotstar on which the film Shiddat was released. In which Shahrukh’s manager, when it comes to romance, says that Sir ‘the Nineties’ (1990s) is gone.

Shiddat tries to make you feel the romance of Shahrukh’s era in the era of Tinder. She also remembers Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. The hero of Shiddat is trying to show the energy of Shahrukh’s level.
The film shows Desi Munde’s struggle to get NRI Dulhania. If you are still in that era or want to get the feel of that era, then you can watch this film.

Romantic stories in Bollywood nowadays have been stuck in the ‘commitment phobia’ of the hero or heroine. Here the heroine has no problem with the hero in a one-night-stand. Is in marriage. She says that marriage is not done just for love, marriage takes place to settle down. Rejecting love, she sees the reel running in front of her eyes till her old age in full youth. On insisting more on the boy, she says that if this passionate feeling of love persists in you for three months, then come to London. The boy’s insistence that the girl has not seen true love at this age, he will show it.

This film of about two hours and 26 minutes shows the picture of love in the new era, which has been seen in films for many years. The film also gives a glimpse of the problem of illegal migrants in Europe on the pretext of love. Here two stories run parallel. One has Gautam (Mohit Raina) and Ira (Diana Penty).

Both are settled in France after marriage in Punjab. This love marriage has reached the verge of divorce in just three months. On the other side are Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) and Kartika (Radhika Madan) met at the India Sports Meet in Punjab. Jaggi is a hockey player and Karthika is a swimmer. ‘ The point of ‘Baywatch Pose’ comes down to a one-night-stand. Jaggi also expresses love, but Karthika’s marriage has been fixed in London. Jaggi, who leaves for London without a passport, is caught in France, where Gautam is an officer in the Indian embassy. What will happen when Gautam and Jaggi come face to face?
The love experience of both is completely different. One cannot walk forty steps to save love, and the other has crossed hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

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Shiddat is a Bollywood-style romance, in which a simple boy has been given the style of Shahrukh. Sunny Kaushal has done it well although, his style is not that of a romantic hero. He will be remembered here because he has shamelessly exposed his ‘butt’.
Radhika does not impress much in Madan Love Story. The expressions of love do not emerge easily in their faces. Her body language is not that of romantic heroines. Mohit Raina performs well, and he is fit in his character. Diana Penty supports them shoulder to shoulder.
The supporting characters in the film are not strong, and special tracks have not been written for them in this long film. Shiddat moves forward with romance, talks big about love, and disappoints badly in the climax. Here the writer-director gets spoiled.
While writing and making the film, the writer-director knows that he is putting the hangover of DDLJ in a newly designed bottle. So to do something different and innovate, he creates such a weak climax, which is completely out of the frame of the story. Drops out. If there is no strong villain amid love, then that story is incomplete.

This incompleteness can be seen completely in shiddat. If you are a staunch fan of romantic movies, then only you will love Shiddat Ki Mohabbat. The camera work of the film is good and the songs and music are also like listening. But due to a lack of story and screenplay, he becomes weak.

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