Russian President Putin expected to visit India

Russian President Putin expected to visit India

Vladimir Putin is visiting India, and this will be Putin’s second foreign trip this year. Earlier, he had gone to Geneva to meet US President Joe Biden.

After this visit, it is considered, that the door in the Arctic region, can be opened for India.

Russian President Putin expected to visit India

Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit India on the 6’th of next month to attend the annual summit. From the fact that this will be the second foreign visit of the Russian President this year. The importance of Putin’s visit to India is important. Putin is avoiding foreign travel due to the threat of the coronavirus. During his one-day visit, Putin and PM Modi will meet and many important defense agreements are likely to be signed. During Putin’s visit to India, many agreements, can be signed.

Earlier, Putin had visited India in the year 2018. India is going to get the S-400 missile defense system by the end of this year. Even after the threat of US sanctions, India has made it clear that it will take the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. 

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Putin was asked to visit Pakistan several times by Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the Russian President has turned his back on his wishes. The announcement of this visit of Putin has proved how important relations with India are for Russia. On this visit, there may be an agreement between Russia and India under which the Indian Navy will get an opportunity to establish a presence in the Arctic region. The Arctic is considered, to be the next battleground of the world that after the Indo-Pacific.

India and Russia have held 20 annual summits so far. Earlier in the year 2019, PM Modi visited Vladivostok city of Russia. India had made a big announcement to promote investment in the territory of Russia. Russia is India’s largest defense partner country. India is getting state-of-the-art AK-203 rifles, warships, fighter jets, and other lethal weapons from Russia.

Both the countries can also hold talks on the issue of Afghanistan. Recently, the National Security Advisors (NSA) of both the countries have met on the issue of Afghanistan. Since the Taliban capture of Kabul, Russian NSA Nikolai P. Patrushev has visited India twice.

Defence ties between India and Russia are strong. Four big projects are to be manufactured and produced in India, in which 1136.6 Frigate, Assault Rifle AK-203 .etc. are prominent. Along with this, India is to have additional supplies of Su-30 MKI, MiG-29, and ammunition.

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