Kota Factory Season 2 Review: The show is ready to repeat the same magic as the first season.

The second season of the Kota Factory started streaming on NetFlix last Friday. The show is ready to repeat the same magic as the first season.

Kota Factory Season 2 Review: The show is ready to repeat the same magic as the first season.

Last Friday, Kota Factory came back with its second season on Netflix. The expectations from the season were high as the first season was a hit, and it didn’t disappoint this time either. Following the previous season, the second season of the series is also an instant hit.

About Kota Factory

Kota Factory showcases the life of students who prepare for competitive exams. The story revolves around the students who move to Kota, the coaching industry hub in North India, to prepare for various entrance exams. One of them is Vaibhav, who moves to the city from his hometown Itarsi. It shows the struggles he faces, his relationship with his friends, and his aim to get admission into IIT. The primary attraction of the show was the character of Jeetu bhaiya, played by Jitendra Kumar. The audience truly loved the character and made it famous overnight. 

Kota Factory Season 2 | Official Trailer

Season 2: Review

Season 2 continues the story of Vaibhav and his friends and their struggle in this education industry. It shows the unpleasant side and poor practices in this industry without downward the hard work of the aspirants.

All the cast members did a tremendous job and justified their characters. Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu bhaiya continues to shine as the primary attraction of the show. The direction of Raghav Subbu is similarly tremendous. Apart from educational problems, this time show touched on other topics like sex education, the significance of health, and the extra struggle for girls. The season consists of several motivational quotes, and most of them came from Jeetu bhaiya. It maintains a balance between- it’s good to take a challenge like cracking an IIT exam, and IIT is not the only way to become successful. It shows that it doesn’t matter whether you clear the IIT Entrance exam or not- it’s the preparation and the hard work that matters. The character of Jeetu bhaiya sums this up in one dialogue- “Haan, Sundar Pichai aur Arvind Krishna IITian hain, Satya Nadela nahi bhi hai.”

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The cast and crew gave justice to every department. Everyone gave their best effort to create this great season. The first season was so popular in school and college students, season 2 will follow its predecessor. However, according to us, the show is a must-watch for all.

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