Incorporating sign language, BTS’s leader RM says they have ‘broken the prejudice’

Incorporating sign language, BTS’s leader RM says they have ‘broken the prejudice’

The recently released song ‘permission to Dance’ from BTS album Butter, has been going viral for its dance steps appearing like sign language. The boyband’s leader RM has made a strong remark on the same. 

BTS recently was seen to be openly talking about the use of sign language as dance steps in their recently released music video to the song ‘Permission to Dance’. The septet- Kim Taehyung, RM, Min Yoongi, Kim SeokJin, Jeon Jungkook, J-Hope, and Jimin were seen to b reacting to their music video and also talking about the lesser known details thus involved during its shoot. The video seems to have revealed quite a lot of facts and worth-knowing news about the song’s concept of choreography. 

In a newly released video of BTS, on its official YouTube channel, th members are seen to be talking about the new additions made in the making of its music video. Remarking on sign language, J-Hope said, “The use of sign language is also very significant.” The same was followed by Kim Taehyung aka V, who said- “The sign language part was very meaningful.”

Then Jimin added along with some dance moves that- This is dance, this is is ‘fun’, this is ‘very happy. To which, Jungkook came forefront to add his favorite gestures and said- “This is ‘dancing’ and this is ‘peace’.”

As the video proceeded, Jimin and V took to talk about the end scene of the usic video which shows all the crew members dancing. It included all the stylists, bodyguards, directors, and even the managers. Jimin further continued to talk while saying- “Out of all of our music videos, this MV is the first that made me this happy. Our MVs were always fun to watch but I think it didn’t make people joyful.”

Well, Jimin is not wrong that the track is quite in itself a pack of happiness. The cheerful tune and music, along with chirpy lyrics with groovy dance moves, the music video has it all to let its viewers divulge in a pool of happiness and joy!

RM went on to add that with this song, they broke the existing prejudices- “I think we broke the prejudice that others aside from us don’t appear in our music videos. I think we broke that prejudice.”

The members also revealed how Jungkook had arrived on the set 2 hours prior to the scheduled timing in order to shoot for a particular scene. Jungkook called this music video as ‘cathartic’ and ‘healing’. Other members too talked about the distinct inclusion of ordinary people in the video. J-Hope said, “This music video is meaningful because there were ordinary people featured in it”.

The worldwide famous K-POP boyband BTS had revealed its new track about spreading happiness all around by means of music and dance. The song is a part of their previously released album Butter, that has already topped various charts and is being heard on loop in several countries. The song ‘Permission to Dance’ is written in collaboration with the British singer Ed Sheeran and has been produced by Steve Mac. 

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