Starting May 14, Museums, Theatres, and Domestic Travel will reopen in Greece.

Greece to reopen museums, theatres, domestic travel

Greece has been under lockdown since November last year. On Monday, schools reopened, even though there is no decrease in the number of covid cases. This easement of restrictions is a measure that is being taken to gear up for the coming summer season. Income from the tourism sector is a major source for Greece and the Courts are hoping for financial relief through international tourists. 

Of course, with different sectors opening up again few restrictions have been put to keep things under control. Students and teachers are to upload covid test results twice a week to get approval to attend the classes. These tests are free of cost. The same rule applies to workers in different sectors as well. All individuals will be taking precautions such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing where ever possible. Other restrictions are also placed, such as a ban on loud music, as it will cause more people to vocalize and thereby increase the chances of spreading the virus. 

As for other sectors, Bars and Cafes and Restaurants, reopened for the first time last week since the lockdown that was implemented in November. Retail stores also opened at the same time, but they work only on an appointment basis. And now Museums, Theatres, and Domestic Travel will open from May 14th. 

The Greek Courts have also started functioning. All its pending cases are being heard now and lawyers, defendants, witnesses, and court staff have started working again, but a limit has been imposed, ensuring that the courtroom does not get overcrowded and distance is still maintained. 

The country has a population of 11 million, and as of now, 11000 deaths have been declared due to Covid-19. Out of the 11000 declared deaths, 60 were announced on Monday. Government spokeswoman Aristotelia Pelon, on Monday, spoke about how May 14 will be an important date for both society and the economy. It will be the date when the sectors will be open again, and the Greek Economy hopes to get a boost through the tourism sector. 

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