Even Heard About Vampire Blood Juice – This Man Is Selling a Powerful Energy Drink In Faridabad

A Man In Faridabad Is Literally Selling Khooni Juice And People Are Drinking Like Insane!

Even Heard About Vampire Blood Juice - This Man Is Selling a Powerful Energy Drink In Faridabad

Want to drink “Khooni Juice”? Yes, don’t get frightened!  A man is selling khooni juice in Faridabad, India, and the video has gone viral and has more than 25 Lakh views! 

We have often heard about the terms “Khooni juices”, “Blood juice”, “Blood syrup” and so on in various movies and short films related to Vampires. Glass of blood is shown, which is drunk by the characters to get energy and an extra year in life. But, in reality, such drinks do not exist. 

Nadeem, near the Bhagat Singh Chowk in Faridabad, is selling the Khooni Juice, as termed by the passerby, and his drink has gained much popularity among the people living there. The process of making this drink has also gone viral after the popular Food Vlogger Rajneesh Gyani, owner of the channel – ‘Are you Hungry’, shared it on various social media platforms. 

The term “Khooni” means blood in English, but Nadeem is preparing a juice in the mixer grinder operated by the generator, and his stall is at Faridabad. The colour of the juice is the main reason behind the name of this drink, “Khooni Juice”. This juice seller prepares a juice mixed with lots of vegetables and fruits that are good for the body. The colour of this dark coloured red juice is due to the addition of beetroot. 

Nadeem, the “Khooni Juice maker,” said that he uses several fruits and vegetables to prepare this healthy drink. Some of the items he mixes while making the juices include spinach leaves, coriander leaves, bitter gourd, raw turmeric, orange, carrot, beetroot, black salt, gooseberry, and lemon juice. 

Nadeem has his stall in Haryana’s Faridabad, and he makes this juice in the mixer grinder. He sells a large glass of juice for Rs. 50 and small glass is Rs. 20. Khooni juice is so cheap in India, literally! This stall became viral after the Food Vlogger visited his stall, shot the video, and made it viral on social media platforms. 

Khooni Juice : Street Drink Of India

During these pandemic years, people are coming up with new drinks or food items that are healthy and boost immunity. Nadeem is not an exception at all. He is trying to provide this juice to the people in that area for helping them to boost immunity. As per Nadeem, it is good to drink healthy drinks rather than taking medicines. 

During this hard time, it is crucial to boost up overall immunity of the body to fight against all the diseases. So all the fruits and vegetables Nadeem adds in his Khooni juice are good, containing essential nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Want to try this Khooni Juice? Visit Nadeem’s stall at Bhagat Singh Chowk in Faridabad and try this healthier version of blood drink! You will love the taste!

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