Ethics Policy & Mission

Mission Statement

‘Digi-news’ mission is to keep readers informed about the changing entertainment and gaming industries while fighting fake news.

Ethics Policy

These policies will guide Digi-news journalism in an ever-changing environment of entertainment media.

Conflict of Interest

Digi-news will avoid conflicts of interest whenever and wherever possible. A disclaimer will be included if content is published in an area where there might be a conflict of interests.

Every Digi-news editor strives for fairness when reporting. Fairness is:

  • Important facts should not be omitted.
  • including relevant information.
  • Not to deceive or mislead the reader.
  • Allowing comments from people or organizations that are the subject or claim in a story.


All “op-ed” stories will be clearly identified as such. Sometimes, editors may offer their opinions at the end of a story. If this happens, it will be marked as an editor’s opinion by a subheading such as “Digi-news Take/Recommendation” or “Author’s Opinion.”

Author Rules

Any Digi-news writer found to be copying, plagiarising, or otherwise violating company policy will have the content transferred to the company’s account and the writer removed from our Network. We will take strict action against anyone who provides false or misleading information to our readers.

Spoiler Tips

Previews and reviews are subject to embargoes. We reserve spoilers for posts that we have permission to make. To ensure that readers don’t find any other information, we try to keep sensitive spoilers from headlines and images for as long as possible. We will always warn readers if there are spoilers or publication will take place during the release window.

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