Editorial Policy

Digi-News is committed to providing readers with information and news that is both unique and high-quality while adhering to high ethical standards. You can submit content to us if you don’t comply with our terms and condition. This policy will be laid out in a written contract between your company and you.

Digi News is committed to providing quality news and information to its readers. We are focused on journalistic excellence. These terms and conditions are agreed to by our writers. If they don’t follow them, we may reject their article. If you’re interested in joining us and would like to show off your writing skills, we will sign a contract.


We are looking forward to original 100 percent articles. Each article must pass plagiarism tests. The writer must only send original content. It will only be published after editors approve it. Our goal is to provide value for our readers and trust in truthfulness. Articles that contain plagiarism or are spun from will be immediately rejected.

Claims and Data

We ensure that all data published on our website is available in the public domain. This is also verified by appropriate sources. Writers are required to make the data, claims, and statistics available to a website where they have been shared before. Before publishing an article, all data regarding finance must be reviewed. We look for evidence that supports the claims. To prove claims, the Writer must include screenshots, graphs, or pictures. The article will be discarded if there is not enough evidence to support the claims.

Value, Portions, and marketing

Each article must be valuable for the readers. Our goal is to provide the most current and authentic news to all of our readers. The articles should not be biased and must not promote any market, currency, or company. Titles, headings and subheadings should be clear and unambiguous. We discourage the use on our articles of promotional or marketing links.

Acceptance of the article

The editorial board has sole discretion over the acceptance or rejection of an article. The Editorial Board can accept or reject articles without providing any explanation. Once articles have been accepted, the Editorial Board will notify the Writer. Every decision made by the Editorial Board will be dyed in wool and is binding on all writers.

News Writing

Writing news requires that the writer must verify it from reliable sources and provide solid evidence to back it up. Before publishing any news on our website, we focus on its authenticity. You must adhere to all policies in order to generate quality and valuable content for your readers.

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